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A free online database with publications relating to physics, computer sciences, mathematics, finance and biology.

A free database containing articles in multiple languages on issues pertaining to the environment, geography and natural sciences. 

1- Search for data
2- Curate your data
3- Save and organize your data
4- Review your reading materials

After you have collected the data related to your topic, the reading marathon starts. Here are some good tools to help you with your reading:
5-Synthesize and take notes

After you have familiarized yourself with the reading materials under hand (first reading), you will start taking notes and synthesizing your information. Here are some tools for this purpose:
6- Write-up

These are some excellent word editors you may want to use to prepare the write-up or report of your findings:
7- Bibliography, citations and references

In the editing and proofreading process and before you share your report, you will have to pay close attention to your bibliography and check your references and citations. These are some tools to help you better manage your bibliography: